Shortly after re-entering college life in my 40’s, I noticed a rather odd obsession at my college of choice.  No matter what bathroom I entered on campus, I was bombarded with “DID YOU WASH YOUR HANDS?” signs.  It was merely amusing at first, but on sleep deprived days with minimal coffee intake, I find it a bit irritating.  Are we in elementary school or college?  By the age of 18, I’m fairly certain our personal hygiene choices have been established.  Meaning, if you’re nasty, you are going to be nasty.  A post-it note demanding clean hands is not going to change that.

OH, but there’s more!  A few days ago I noticed a new sign asking me for a “Courtesy Flush” with a lovely description to flush the moment my, ahem, business hits ground zero.  If you take the time to type, print and tape a sign to a bathroom door on courtesy flushing, you might be spending WAY too much time in the bathroom.  Seriously, get outside for a bit.  There’s a great big world to explore that does not involve my bodily functions.

That concludes college from a 45 year old, or 45 degree, angle…for today.

p.s.  Yes, I washed my hands.